Teach science in a manner that:

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    Builds a framework of scientific understanding in logical, systematic, steps.

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    Makes logical thinking, questioning, and seeing cross connections an integral part of each lesson.

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    Compares to “Guiding Principles” “Dimensions” and “Core Ideas” of NGSS

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Table of Contents

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (BFSU)

a three volume series by Bernard J. Nebel, Ph.D. scientist and educator

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I absolutely love this curriculum! Using it to homeschool my 6 year old daughter and she is SO excited for science day every week and asks to do it constantly! I was originally worried the concepts would be too advanced for a 6 year old, but have been just blown away by what she's capable of grasping! Highly recommend this curriculum and so thankful I found it! :)

- Eric

This book provides the best science education you could give your kids. It covers all the things they need to know in a gradually increasing complexity model. Even better, it alternates between topics so they don't get bored. It lays everything out...materials, discussion, ideas, suggested books to add on, etc.

- Maryam

I purchased BFSU a couple of months ago with the intention of using it in the fall. After seeing the book, though, I ditched the $100 1st-grade science that I thought I loved, because BFSU was so much better. Dr. Nebel knows science and knows children, and that is a rare combination. And for a quarter of the price, I received three times the volume of lesson plans.

- Tracy L. Polyak

This book is amazing! Mr. Nebel knows what he's talking about AND has figured out how to pass that knowledge along to kids. We are a homeschooling family and I originally intended to use this book for my 1st grader. I bought a separate "open and go" science curriculum for my 3rd grader. However, the quality of the content and information in this book is high enough for my bright 3rd grader, so I've been able to use it as a base for both kids. There is SOME prep work involved (which, I generally don't love because, well, I homeschool and us homeschoolers are pretty darn stretched to the limit - probably a few of us have babies and toddlers to contend with, as well, myself included) but I find it to be very manageable. There is no busy work. Only hands on fun, and good information presented in each lesson. The prep required involves reading the lesson before giving it to your children, gathering materials - most of which are found in my house already - and clearing off a table to make room for the fun. If you have struggled to look for a smart, NON-dumbed-down, secular science curriculum that can be used with a variety of ages, this is your book.

- Martha Reader