Build a Framework

Builds a framework of scientific understanding in logical, systematic, steps.

Pull up the “Table of Contents” for Volume I, (Click here) and focus on “Learning Progressions”: A. Nature of Matter (chemistry), B. Life Sciences, C. Physical Science, Engineering and Technology, and D. Earth and Space Science. These four Progressions cover the total arena of science.

Note that each progression starts with a lesson that is readily comprehensible by beginning K-level students. Subsequent lessons build in incremental steps, which bring students to constantly think about how things connect and give a fuller and fuller picture from which major ideas and concepts emerge. Progressions continue on in an unbroken fashion through Volumes II and III to grade 8.

Each Progression being a K-8 sequence would make teaching all of one then the next patently absurd. Rather, teachers are instructed to switch back and forth between Progressions such they are all carried forward in tandem. Thus, students are brought to continually think about and reflect upon both the connections between lessons within a Progression and how they build and also cross-connections among Progressions. The end result is development of a fully integrated framework of scientific understanding and thinking—a framework that will serve as a core for anchoring ever-expanding life learning.