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Providing Children with a Strong Foundation of Science Education

“Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding”
A Kindergarten to Grade 8 Science Curriculum in 3 Volumes
With over 100 Detailed Lesson Plans

BFSU 2nd Ed. Vol 1 Curriculum by Bernard J. Nebel

Science is such a broad landscape that many teachers and parents can be completely stumped as to what to teach, when to teach it, and where to start. Press for Learning's curriculum, "Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding" (BFSU) lays out lessons that address and integrate all the major areas of science and build understanding in a logical, systematic manner for elementary education and higher.

BFSU Series
Elementary Science Education

How To Save
BFSU Ed. Vol III by Bernard J. Nebel

In this modern educational situation, money can be a large concern in how lesson plans are conducted. Press for Learning has integrated cost consciousness into the BFSU curriculum, allowing educators to conduct their teachings with minimal cost. In addition, we have an online community available for teachers to come together and help each other.


Additional Support for BFSU Users
(free of charge)

In addition to texts, Press for Learning maintains a no-cost, online support group for BFSU users. It is At you can click on any lesson and find direct links to graphics, videos, and other materials that will enhance your presentation of the lesson. You can also post questions, leave comments, and interact with other BFSU users. You are encouraged to share you learning experience. The author of BFSU will moderate the site and help so far as he can.

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About Us

After several years of research, our founder at Press for Learning, Bernard J. Nebel, Ph.D., became tired of the specialization of research and turned to his real passion, teaching, and spent the majority of his educational career at Catonsville Community College (CCC) (now Community Colleges of Baltimore County, CCBC) in Catonsville, Maryland. Joining the CCC faculty as the environmental movement was coming into being, he recognized the need for a course in environmental science, which was absent at the time. He went on to develop and write one of early environmental science texts (Environmental Science, Prentice Hall, 1981 and subsequent editions). Nebel himself likes to say, "While I earned my degree in botany, my broad and varied interests really led me to specialize in being a generalist. This turned out to be the perfect background and training for environmental science" and later, elementary education.

Today, in Baltimore, Maryland, Nebel has discovered a love for working with and teaching younger children. In his time at CCC, he constantly encountered a lack of formative, background knowledge and understanding demonstrated by his entry-level students. Examining elementary school curricula, coupled with his experience of what kids are capable of learning and understanding, led him to believe that there is a need and an opportunity for improvement. "Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding," Nebel says, "is my contribution towards an improvement."

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