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Provide Children With a Strong Basic Science Education

“Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding”

Over 50 five-star reviews on Amazon speak to BFSU as being the best K-8 science curriculum for kids available. BFSU’s over 100 science lesson plans address and integrate all major areas of science and technology. Lessons follow a logical progression that develops core ideas, crosscutting concepts, in systematic steps over time. All lessons engage students in practices of observing, questioning, logical reasoning, and reaching conclusions based on evidence—basic for development of thinking and reasoning skills, i.e., habits of mind.

Children find BFSU both fun and engaging science as it empowers them to figure things out for themselves. Parents/teachers report that they have equal enjoyment as they learn and gain understanding along with their kids. Beyond embarking kids on a first-class science education, BFSU may serve as a model science curriculum for NGSS (K-5). It may contribute to STEM education, and with its suggested reading and writing it easily aligns with Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

All in all, BFSU can be a basic resource for science teachers, whether they are traditional classroom teachers, homeschoolers, or parents supplementing their kids’ science education. (See more under “BFSU Series” and “How To Save”)
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Teacher Support
for Elementary Science Education
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Press for Learning aims to give elementary level teachers, home-schoolers, and parents the wherewithal to provide a first-class elementary science education at minimal cost. Toward this aim, Press for Learning maintains a no-cost support for science teachers: At you can click on any BFSU lesson and find direct links to graphics, videos, and other materials, referenced in the text. You can also post questions, make comments to aid other users, and so on. Effective strategies for teaching science, as well as, science questions will be addressed. BFSU’s author will be the prime moderator.

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About Us

Teaching science needs to be much more than drilling kids to memorize scientific facts. Science is a process of using the mind to look for, observe, and uncover evidence and, then, exercising critical thinking to draw logical conclusions based on evidence. All scientific information is the product of such observation and rational thinking.

Therefore, science education needs to aim at developing these habits of mind, as well as, conveying the facts, core ideas and crosscutting concepts of science. Press for Learning’s Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding is the culmination of pursuing this aim.

Press for Learning’s principle author, Bernie Nebel (Bernard J. Nebel, Ph.D) has a unique background that well qualifies him for this endeavor. His passion for science led him into all major areas: biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. A Ph.D in botany (Duke University) and pursuing several years research, notwithstanding, Nebel likes to say “I specialized in being a generalist.” This generalist background led Nebel to full time teaching (Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville, MD) and authoring a widely used environmental science text. Finding so many college entry students with a dearth of science background, and an avocation of working with younger kids, led him to this present endeavor, BFSU.

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