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Educational Lessons with Cost Consciousness in Mind

Science education does not and should not be expensive. At Press for Learning in Baltimore, Maryland, we have incorporated cost consciousness throughout our lesson plans. Excellent photographs, videos, diagrams, animations, and the like are freely available on the Internet. Therefore, in order to keep the cost of the BFSU volumes minimal, visual aids have been omitted. Instead, wherever such aids are in order, users are parenthetically advised to Google™ keywords and topics that will bring up an appropriate aid are given, or by joining the you will find direct links to relevant sites. The BFSU community site will remain free of advertising and/or promotions.

Working Within the Educator's Budget

Many of the lessons do entail activities that call for various materials. However, a conscious effort has gone into describing activities in a manner that calls for only common items that can be readily found in most households or classrooms. If not, most supplies can be inexpensively purchased at any grocery, home supply, or office supply store. In addition, numerous lessons call for observing what is found in one's surroundings.

Aside from minimizing cost, there is an educational advantage in this. BFSU users report that kids like to participate and have fun in gathering materials and discovering what substitutions can be made. They are learning that science does not come in a box that has been purchased; science is all around us all of the time in the things we do and use in day-to-day life. It is just a matter of looking at and considering what is going on in the real world, and reflecting on how it works.

There are two items that are exceptions to our minimum cost philosophy; a compound microscope ($100–$200) and a triple beam balance ($50–$100), which come into play in Volume II. (Specifications are given in Volume II.) However, if these items are well cared for, they last indefinitely and can be resold later for near their purchase price.

Please note that non-printable e-copies of the books are available for the minimal cost of $5.00. You are welcome to send these to others for review purposes.